“Plan your work then work your plan” is what we said in a prior blog. It is a smart business practice.

The business forecast released by Santee Cooper could be the nugget of a start of a plan. In 30+ pages, evolving energy business models and billions in debt can only be skimmed. Understood.

In the past week ECC looked at three facets of the forecast – debt, pipelines, and coal. There’s more to the forecast, but those jumped out to ECC.

News reports say that the board unanimously approved the forecast. Hearing something about the discussion that tested the forecast would be good. Is the forecast seen as probable? Reasonable? A temporary stake in the ground? How does such a plan get put into operation?

The forecast needs a lot more explanation and background for its assumptions. Clarity. Show the excellence the company has proclaimed about itself. The forecast noted how it could contemplate changes. There has been time for contemplation already.

Customers, state officials and other stakeholders can now take a look at the possible direction of the company, the credibility of the forecast, and assess best alternatives for the future.

The forecast reflects more than energy and economics. It is a marker about the company’s planning and ability to plan. Santee Cooper’s limits may have been tested in this exercise. It could be another signal that a different, deeper bench is necessary. 

Here’s a look at our three blogs about the forecast.


Coal powered the past and now makes way for the future. Santee Cooper should get ahead of the trend. Mines are closing, mining companies going under, and coal generation plants have been closing in the Carolinas and throughout the country. That gives Santee Cooper’s announcement about closing coal plants some context. Utilities are facing the […]

Santee Cooper’s business forecast relies heavily on natural gas as a fuel for power generation. That may be less a forecast and more a pipe dream. According to the plan: “Roughly 50% would be owned or purchased natural gas generation, constituting a much greener portfolio than the current coal-dominant mix.” (the plan) A couple of […]

Santee Cooper. It has been the debt. It still is the debt. Customers continue to be on the hook.  Santee Cooper’s business forecast lacks action. The recently released Santee Cooper business forecast released September 9 said, in part: “The Forecast also contemplates (our italics) several strategic financial transactions and cost saving initiatives including: Committing over […]