“A picture is worth a thousand words,” is the old phrase. This is not a picture, below, but speaks volumes; it paints a dramatic image. This graph shows, using each company’s own data, the emissions levels of Santee Cooper versus Florida Power and Light. FP&L is the main power subsidiary of NextEra, the company that has bid on Santee Cooper. The graphic also shows the U.S. electric company average as a reference.

*Note: The graphic compares tons of CO2 emitted per megawatt hour which is the only way to compare when the size of companies differ greatly. The source for the info is provided in the graphic

FP&L’s lower levels of emissions are a stark contrast to Santee Cooper’s.

Add to this that FP&L serves five million customers versus Santee Cooper’s 190,000 retail customers, or use the total two million noted by Santee Cooper. That is – FP&L has more than twice the customers but about half the C02 emissions.  (Santee Cooper customer reference)

A tested, well-resourced, and smart company, like NextEra, knows how to reduce emissions in power generation.