The Board of Directors for Santee Cooper met this morning, but you had to be quick to catch it. Could have put a stop watch on the session.

After being cautioned by South Carolina House Speaker Jay Lucas about being secretive, the board went into executive session after a 16 minute publicly streamed meeting. 16 minutes for the public from a public organization and almost 3 hours in executive session.

Executive session. In secret. No public allowed. After almost three hours the board came back and immediately adjourned.

This, during a difficult time. The company faced a challenging future with the status quo of several months ago. Some may think those were the good old days. In the past 7 weeks more than 461,000 South Carolinians claimed unemployment; 33+ million nationwide. Santee Cooper sales and revenues are down. It is tough, nationally and locally.

Is that what Santee Cooper board was discussing in executive session? As a public entity, wouldn’t those topics be most critical in its business? Wouldn’t these topics have a lot to do with the public need for reliable and affordable power? Wouldn’t those be worth a public discussion?

Or was board time being taken to address issues raised by its decisions of the past?

As the state of South Carolina and the nation face huge issues, Santee Cooper’s board seems mired in its past. It takes its valuable time to figure out how to cover for its problems.

Is that acceptable? Is that what legislators and Santee Cooper stakeholders deserve?