From Scott Carlberg

Why struggle when a solution is available?

Why owe billions of dollars when a resource is available with the ability to handle that kind of money?

Why debate at length a question that has been posed and researched by the South Carolina legislature?

Beginning today, the South Carolina Senate debates the possible sale of Santee Cooper. The South Carolina legislature has moved in a careful and deliberate way, and the members are to be commended for moving forward to protect Santee Cooper customers, similar to what the legislature did last year to protect the SCANA customers.

The Senate debate can be the next leg to clear up billions of debt owed by the customers of Santee Cooper; taking that massive debt away. Fast.

Take Action – Write your Senator to ask for support for the sale of Santee Cooper

The debate can add clarity to the future of Santee Cooper. A highly qualified buyer can add new dimensions to the planning, finances and people development to the company that operates in South Carolina.

The Senate will raise serious questions. Among the questions that may be most critical:

  • How long will the debt be carried by Santee Cooper customers as the debate continues?
  • How much more in interest be paid by Santee Cooper customers?
  • What could be done for the region if the debt were gone?
  • What if the slate could be cleaned?

What if Save Santee Cooper means to sell it?