ECC has written about big nuclear projects, and now it is time to get really small – cell phone charging. The question is about whether to keep charging your phone all day, or not. ECC is no expert on this, which we realized even more after reading an article in WirecutterIs Charging Your Phone All Day Really That Bad?

Turns out that maintaining a careful schedule on charging could lengthen the battery life, but at the investment of time and effort. Is it worth it? Is it applicable across each phone and the owner’s pattern of phone usage? Lots of variables.

“Charging your battery to full capacity less often, and not letting it run totally dry, can extend its life—somewhat. Putting less stress on the electrodes results in less degradation, and ultimately higher capacity for a longer period of time.” That’s from the Wirecutter article, which also says that is why Apply has a charging optimizer feature.

Major manufacturers have their thoughts, too. Here is Apple. Here is Google. Here is Samsung.

Another factor is whether people keep phones long enough to see the degradation of batteries. (Or maybe the battery life is a great excuse to upgrade.)

Samsung has a page of advice that is interesting (right). It notes ways to possibly extend battery power. These include: Reducing screen brightness, uninstall apps that are not used, handle your phone with care, toggle off some functions when not needed, and so on. What is interesting to us about that is it is the same advice people get to reduce their home power bill – use less, take care of appliances, and so on. Nice to have some kind of consistency in the world these days.