Hot water can be good, when it has to do with geothermal energy. In mid-December ECC wrote about a company called DEEP in Canada. It is a geothermal company – most simply, a company that taps the heat of the Earth underground. DEEP has tapped into the skills of oilfield professionals to drill geothermal well.

Those wells are intended to be used to turn turbines and make electricity. Pretty cool deal.

Now ECC found a news story from the Canadian Broadcasting Company that includes a short video presentation about geothermal energy and DEEP. Great explanation and production. Worth a look, here. The image on the left is from the CBC website.

Why repeat this story? Because it contains a couple important features. It shows the value that energy professionals create when they work together. It shows that some technical skills are interchangeable. It shows that non-carbon energy is possible outside the usual suspects of solar or wind. It shows the value to creativity and good management.

Here’s what DEEP says about geothermal power benefits:

  • Baseload – Only renewable energy source that can produce baseload power 24/7.
  • Green – Zero carbon-based fuel consumption and facilities have a small footprint that does not interfere with bird migration.
  • Production of a useful byproduct – Geothermal power generation produces a useful byproduct – HEAT – which can be integrated to supply greenhouses, fish farms, food processing and other industrial applications.
  • Ongoing supply – With proper reservoir management, geothermal resources will not run out meaning plants fueled by this energy source can run indefinitely.


(Feature image from DEEP website)