Wow! Just read the letter that South Carolina House Speaker Lucas sent to the leadership of Santee Cooper.

I started working in the energy industry in 1975 and have never read such pointed language from a legislator toward another entity. To Santee Cooper leaders Lucas said …

  • “Attempting to have an open, honest, and productive conversation with Santee Cooper has been exceedingly difficult and disappointing.”
  • He would “…will applaud your ultimate removal.”
  • Santee Cooper “…has chosen to behave as a rogue entity.”
  • Santee Cooper has a “…broken corporate culture that is deeply ingrained in your leadership.”
  • Santee Cooper “…satisfies its own priorities rather than those of ratepayers, taxpayers and the State of South Carolina.”

Download a copy of Speaker Lucas’ Letter

Lucas’ letter ends with this: “Millions of South Carolinians are provided power through Santee Cooper, directly or indirectly. Those ratepayers deserve an honest, accountable Santee Cooper. They have neither. That must change.”

Add to this a message from the Governor: ““There appears to be no tactic or action too deceitful or reckless for the leaders of Santee Cooper to employ,” McMaster Tweeted. (Source)

Scorching words. House Speaker Lucas and Governor McMaster said what needs to be clearly said.

Some people may find comfort in the idea that this small state-owned utility would unselfishly serves its customers. Speaker Lucas points out that’s a reality that simply does not exist. There is little question that reform is not in the lexicon, manner of work, or skill set of Santee Cooper.

In all the legislative procedural maneuvering, don’t lose sight of the big picture:  South Carolina has the opportunity to put billions of debt behind it and move forward with a resourceful and capable utility that can deliver new, cleaner and affordable generation to the people of the state.

Speaker Lucas notes that South Carolinians deserve a utility that is honest, capable, accountable.  They don’t have that in Santee Cooper.  Time for a change.