How about making power and not creating any emissions? Neat deal. It starts small, as many technologies do in early stages. The possibilities are significant.

The technology was developed by a company called MainSpring Energy. It is a “linear accelerator,” that uses natural gas, hydrogen, or biogas to power a system that makes power, but no emissions.  A good thing about this is that it is easily dispatchable, which means it can ramp up and get power out the door fast. It is a 250 kilowatt unit.

The new generation technology got a boost with a $150 million deal with NextEra Energy. The utility is buying the linear accelerator technology. This can enable the technology to tap into the vast network and expertise of NextEra Energy’s experience in creating more sustainable options for its customers.

The system uses “a low-temperature, uniform reaction that maintains peak temperatures below the levels in which NOx forms (1500°C), resulting in near-zero NOx emissions. This is in contrast to the burning of a fuel with a flame, which creates high temperatures and high NOx emissions.”

“The product appears likely to compete with fuel cells for industrial and commercial applications, but Mainspring said its relative simplicity offers lower capital and maintenance costs,” reports The Energy Daily.

The company says, “Mainspring’s linear generator is designed to enable high expansion of reacted gases and to electrically control the conversion of linear motion directly into electricity. High expansion allows for maximum extraction of reaction energy and direct conversion eliminates mechanical losses — combining to enable high efficiency operation.”

The system is UL approved. The market for this kind of product is for “customers looking to reduce energy spend, increase resiliency, and meet sustainability goals.” Lots of companies are aiming at better energy footprints now.


Images are from the company’s website. The company has a video about the technology: