Energy Resources: Variety is Good!

The old phrase about the danger of “putting all your eggs in one basket” is true, especially in our energy system. News and press releases may tout the advantage of one kind of energy generation over another: Wind, solar, hydro, gas, biomass, wave … but read that news with care. When all the chips are placed Read more about Energy Resources: Variety is Good![…]

Our Electric Energy Freedoms

from Scott Carlberg, Energy Consumers of the Carolinas Our electric energy freedom is worth pondering this July 4th. In various measures, essentially 100% of Americans have access to electricity. Around the world there are 1.3 billion people without access to electricity. That lack of power cascades into issues of health, safety and economic vitality. We Read more about Our Electric Energy Freedoms[…]

IMO – An Energy Educator Looks at Energy Technology

An occasional feature on Energy Consumers of the Carolinas is “In My Opinion” (IMO). We pose a set of customer-oriented questions to various people involved in the electric energy discipline. This column is from a discussion with Travis Knight, Program Director, Nuclear Engineering Graduate Program and Professor, Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Carolina in Read more about IMO – An Energy Educator Looks at Energy Technology[…]