What Are Green Bonds?

The story: “Duke Energy Progress issued $600 million in bonds to finance eligible green energy projects, including solar energy projects in North Carolina and South Carolina.” (Charlotte Business Journal) What is a green bond? A bond is a financial instrument an organization uses to borrow money. Companies (examples: IBM or Kimberly Clark) and governments (federal, Read more about What Are Green Bonds?[…]

Speak Up About the NC Clean Energy Plan

In North Carolina, your household, health and finances can be impacted by Executive Order No. 80 – North Carolina’s Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy. This is a process for many citizens to note, not just people in an energy discipline. Far-reaching Impact The process behind the order is Read more about Speak Up About the NC Clean Energy Plan[…]

Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?

Technology enables increasingly finer measurement of pollution and efficiency for people who make or use electricity. Sophistication of metrics change the way we can define what clean. As we end 2018 we are reflecting on a few of the points we suggested to watch in the electric industry over the year: Changing government role in Read more about Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?[…]