Is Nuclear Energy “The Missing Piece” of Climate Change?

Existing nuclear plants are the largest source of no-carbon energy and the foundation for no-carbon electric generation in the US. Reducing carbon in the atmosphere is part of addressing climate change. (ECC has an explanation about carbon at the end of this blog.) ECC knows that discussing nuclear energy, especially in South Carolina now, may Read more about Is Nuclear Energy “The Missing Piece” of Climate Change?[…]

Do Light Bulbs Really Make a Difference? Yes!

Light bulbs, small as they are, make for big energy savings. New light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs use some 80 percent less electricity than old incandescent bulbs. LEDs are more efficient to the point that they helped US electric usage flatten and sometimes decline over the years. Why does such a small item like a bulb Read more about Do Light Bulbs Really Make a Difference? Yes![…]

Taking Steps Forward in the Santee Cooper Situation

From Scott Carlberg The South Carolina legislature is moving ahead in the potential sale of Santee Cooper. For good reason. Unless sold, Santee Cooper customers will pay higher electricity rates to help pay for a hole in the ground. Governor McMaster in his State of the State Address made it pretty clear that Santee Cooper Read more about Taking Steps Forward in the Santee Cooper Situation[…]

The SC Senate Takes the Next Step on Santee Cooper

The South Carolina Senate voted 42-1 to move ahead and seek bids for the sale, management or reorganization of Santee Cooper. It is a positive step in the process. Discussion. Debate. Steps taken. Those are good. South Carolinians concerned about Santee Cooper’s billions in debt and the way it could impact rates, and their family budgets, Read more about The SC Senate Takes the Next Step on Santee Cooper[…]

Santee Cooper – Whose Debt Is It, Anyway?

Question: When it comes to Santee Cooper, whose debt is it, anyway? Answer: The debt belongs to Santee Cooper, to the customers. The debt was incurred by the decision of Santee Cooper. Check this. From the South Carolina Code about the SC Public Service Authority (Santee Cooper): “Credit and taxing power of the State and its subdivisions shall Read more about Santee Cooper – Whose Debt Is It, Anyway?[…]

“Stay Away from Downed Power Lines”

Severe storms, lightning, tornadoes and straight-line winds made it a challenge to keep the lights on this past week. Hunkering down for the storm is one thing. Staying safe afterwards requires attention, too. A big safety rule: “Stay away from downed power lines. Always assume a power line is energized and dangerous, even when power Read more about “Stay Away from Downed Power Lines”[…]

Make a List, Check It…

Can just anyone possibly buy Santee Cooper? No. The South Carolina government created a list of criteria for a buyer. There are prospective buyers that meet the criteria originally laid out by the SC Legislature for a potential sale.  According to the consultant report about a possible sale, bid consideration criteria to purchase Santee Cooper Read more about Make a List, Check It…[…]

Save Santee Cooper by Selling It

From Scott Carlberg Why struggle when a solution is available? Why owe billions of dollars when a resource is available with the ability to handle that kind of money? Why debate at length a question that has been posed and researched by the South Carolina legislature? Beginning today, the South Carolina Senate debates the possible Read more about Save Santee Cooper by Selling It[…]

What Are Green Bonds?

The story: “Duke Energy Progress issued $600 million in bonds to finance eligible green energy projects, including solar energy projects in North Carolina and South Carolina.” (Charlotte Business Journal) What is a green bond? A bond is a financial instrument an organization uses to borrow money. Companies (examples: IBM or Kimberly Clark) and governments (federal, Read more about What Are Green Bonds?[…]

The Santee Cooper Seven

Certain questions come up time after time about Santee Cooper debt and the possible sale of the company. Understandable. The Santee Cooper situation is not typical. The massive debt is not typical. Seven questions come up a lot. Question 1: How much is the Santee Cooper debt? Answer: There have been debt numbers of $8 Read more about The Santee Cooper Seven[…]