What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Turns out there are two kinds of natural gas. One is from the ground. Petroleum exploration and production companies drill and find it in rock formations. The other is from, well, something else. It is called renewable natural gas (RNG) and often starts with waste from animals, even people sometimes. RNG is in the Carolinas, Read more about What is Renewable Natural Gas?[…]

Energy Employees Create a Buzz in the Community

This week is National Volunteer Week, and Lineworker Appreciation Day is April 18. There is a common thread in both – values. Recent news stories about “lineman rodeos” show the dedication and hard work of these electric industry people. A look at electric company websites report stories of many employees working in the community. While Read more about Energy Employees Create a Buzz in the Community[…]

PSC Hearing: Listen and Learn

Monday night I attended the Public Service Commission hearing in North Charleston on the proposed SCANA merger with Dominion. After the V.C. Summer nuclear debacle, I appreciate the regulatory scrutiny of the investor-owned utility. I also wonder about Santee Cooper, the state-owned partner of the energy project, which is not regulated by the PSC. My Read more about PSC Hearing: Listen and Learn[…]

Power On – Rock On: A Peak Demand Analogy

When is electricity like a rock concert? Costs go up when there is a big demand for tickets (or electricity). Both industries respond to peak demand from customers by using more resources. Let’s say a musician plays a small club holding maybe 50 people. The microphone and speakers are on site, or the singer brings them. Easy Read more about Power On – Rock On: A Peak Demand Analogy[…]