Three Kinds of Electric Utilities Serve the Carolinas

There are different kinds of electric utilities in the Carolinas. People may not even think about them because if electric service is running properly, well, why think about it? With the headlines in our states over the past several years about ownership of electric companies and services and rates, this may be a good time Read more about Three Kinds of Electric Utilities Serve the Carolinas[…]

One Year Ago, BRRRR!

Think back about one year. Here was the headline: “Duke Energy wants you to conserve electricity during cold snap.” It was just more than a year ago that Duke set a single-day record for electric demand (January 5). We have not had anything like it yet this season, but it could be just around the Read more about One Year Ago, BRRRR![…]

Carolina 2019 New Year’s Energy Resolutions

2019! Can you feel the energy? You will. Carolina electricity consumers have a chance to make a lot of changes in their energy use, so ECC is offering-up some ideas for our readers – 2019 energy resolutions. There’s a quote from Louis L’Amour, the author of western  novels, that applies to Carolina energy in 2019: Read more about Carolina 2019 New Year’s Energy Resolutions[…]

With the First Winter Blast to the Carolinas, Thank a Utility Lineworker

With the first big storm of the 2018-19 winter now having hit, Energy Consumers of the Carolinas decided to revisit a blog that got a lot of attention following the hurricanes that hit the Carolinas. It is about the line workers who put themselves out in the cold, wet and dangerous weather to maintain our Read more about With the First Winter Blast to the Carolinas, Thank a Utility Lineworker[…]

When Do Power Outages Happen?

When do outages happen? Answer: All the time, but for various reasons. Over the past several months, Carolinians have heard a lot about power outages because of hurricanes. That’s because there can be a significant number of outages when violent weather happens. Usually lightning, high winds, and ice are the causes. What about outages other Read more about When Do Power Outages Happen?[…]

From Tennis to Turbines

I have enjoyed the game of tennis for decades and across many states. I have always had access to a tennis court but never owned one. Whereas sharing cars and bikes is a newer twist to the sharing economy, one might argue that tennis clubs were early movers who learned to share resources effectively. Turns Read more about From Tennis to Turbines[…]

Carolina Energy 2019 – A Blueprint for States and Consumers

As ECC was researching its look at 2019 in energy we found two recent reports that provide good high-level strategies for electric energy. While the reports are not specifically focused on the Carolinas or the Southeast, the topics in the reports absolutely apply to the Carolinas. Taken together the material in these reports can help guide Read more about Carolina Energy 2019 – A Blueprint for States and Consumers[…]

Nuclear Power: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

A nuclear power headline this week deserves attention, and it is not about South Carolina’s nuclear debates. The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report that was extremely favorable about nuclear energy: “New public policies are needed to properly value low-carbon energy and prevent the replacement of nuclear plants with large quantities of natural gas.” Read more about Nuclear Power: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”[…]

These Veterans Give Us Energy – An Introduction

Veterans and electric utilities have long partnership. Each workplace – energy and military – share traits required for success. They are a good match. Energy Consumers of the Carolinas salutes the veterans who work in the energy industry in the Carolinas. This is the first of a five-part blog series. Our nation has more than Read more about These Veterans Give Us Energy – An Introduction[…]

It’s Back – Pumpkin Spice Electricity!

Kidding, just something for this time of year. Halloween, you know. Tricks. Treats. Electricity provides a lot of treats – charging your phone, streaming your favorite programs, maybe even powering voice commands for grocery orders. Electricity can play tricks, too. Energy Consumers of the Carolinas wants our readers to avoid being caught by surprise, so Read more about It’s Back – Pumpkin Spice Electricity![…]