Electricity + April 1st = April Fuels

People who work in the electric industry get some unusual questions. Befitting April 1, we gathered some questions from utility communicators from across the country. If nothing else, maybe we will bust some urban legends. A number of questions are about new technology. Given the far-reaching functions of electric technology, maybe the confusion is easy Read more about Electricity + April 1st = April Fuels[…]

“More Power!” Say Americans

Our nation generated more electricity in 2018 than ever before. Up 4 percent. What may seem odd is that the last record was in 2007, more than ten years ago. That was before the recession, and the weather in 2018 required more power to meet hotter and colder weather than some previous years. Then there Read more about “More Power!” Say Americans[…]

North Carolina Is Part of a Smart Electricity Task Force

The electric grid of today grew from disparate and unconnected power systems over decades. New technology demands that a heightened long-term approach be taken to make sure we have secure, connected, efficient and affordable electricity. The Task Force on Comprehensive Electricity PlanningĀ is a national group that will tackle regulatory, business and technological issues in a Read more about North Carolina Is Part of a Smart Electricity Task Force[…]