Bury Our Electric Lines? Easy Question, Complicated Answer

“Why can’t we just bury the wires?” When it comes to our electric system it is a simple question with no simple answer. Energy Consumers of the Carolinas looks at some of the issues about undergrounding electric lines. This is a question that comes up following big storms – ice, hurricane, thunderstorms. First some background, explained Read more about Bury Our Electric Lines? Easy Question, Complicated Answer[…]

It is Public Power Week October 7 – 13

All electricity is local, ultimately. All comes back to the customer and the hook-up to a home, school, or business. This week, October 7 to 13, is a time when local electric organizations are recognized in Public Power Week. The Carolinas have  strong base of public power, organizations electric utility organizations that are  community-owned and not-for-profit. Read more about It is Public Power Week October 7 – 13[…]

Changing Times – Changing Temperatures

Hurricane Florence was and continues to be a reminder of the impact weather has on our lives. Reports of power outages and flooding keep coming and many people are still facing devastation. What impact does weather have on electricity rates now and in the future? CNN argues that climate change is making storms even worse.  The Read more about Changing Times – Changing Temperatures[…]

Electrical Safety After the Storm

(NOTE: October 10, 2018 – Two tropical storms or hurricanes in one month foe the Carolinas. Florence and Michael. Carolinians have to be ready for storms all the time during hurricane season.) Hurricane Florence leaves the Carolinas with immense damage. What “after the storm” tips about electricity and flooding do experts have?* We take a Read more about Electrical Safety After the Storm[…]

Teen Thoughts on Power Outages after Hurricane Florence

We have all seen tons of stories about Hurricane and Tropical Storm Florence. I wondered how this was impacting our younger generation of teenagers. Although my area in Charleston had no impact other than vacant stores and closed schools, our hearts break for so many to our north who have suffered and continue to suffer Read more about Teen Thoughts on Power Outages after Hurricane Florence[…]

Talking to (or Tackling) Teens about Hurricane Florence

With all the uncertainty, risk, and news about Hurricane Florence, my colleagues suggested that I write a blog post about talking to children regarding a storm. The suggestion was that it would include great stuff like taking precautions, minimizing risks, reducing hysteria and anxiety. My colleagues know I am a mom so they thought I Read more about Talking to (or Tackling) Teens about Hurricane Florence[…]