Natural Gas and Renewables Are Growing Factors In Our Electricity

And the winners are – natural gas and renewable energy. That is the message from the US Energy Information Agency* in its new Annual Energy Outlook 2019. The report was released January 24. Natural gas and renewables are the two fastest growing fuels to make electricity in the US. Those are popular fuels in the Read more about Natural Gas and Renewables Are Growing Factors In Our Electricity[…]

Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?

Technology enables increasingly finer measurement of pollution and efficiency for people who make or use electricity. Sophistication of metrics change the way we can define what clean. As we end 2018 we are reflecting on a few of the points we suggested to watch in the electric industry over the year: Changing government role in Read more about Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?[…]

Wintertime is a (Natural) Gas

With the first real cold snap in the Carolinas  behind us, Energy Consumers of the Carolinas is revisiting an energy source big during the heating season: Natural gas. We are doing this because a recent report said that natural gas in storage is 17 percent below the average of the last five years. Natural gas Read more about Wintertime is a (Natural) Gas[…]