Labor Day Salute to Carolina Energy Educators and Researchers

For this Labor Day we have looked at people who are part of the power industry and keep the electricity running in the Carolinas. There are people who are not part of an energy utility or manufacturer, but still work hard to help keep our…
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An Energizing Benchmark for Electric Vehicles

The U.S. will have its one-millionth electric vehicle (EV) purchased in this month.  The news of more EVs needs to be looked at in context of all vehicles out there, consumer choice and infrastructure. There were 272 million vehicles…
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Join In: The Carolinas’ Energy Workforce

Want a satisfying career? Want to also help the Carolinas? Think about energy. Really. While Carolina energy headlines have largely been about reactors or pipelines, here is a different look at our energy system: Its workers. Specifically,…