Is Nuclear Energy “The Missing Piece” of Climate Change?

Existing nuclear plants are the largest source of no-carbon energy and the foundation for no-carbon electric generation in the US. Reducing carbon in the atmosphere is part of addressing climate change. (ECC has an explanation about carbon at the end of this blog.) ECC knows that discussing nuclear energy, especially in South Carolina now, may Read more about Is Nuclear Energy “The Missing Piece” of Climate Change?[…]

“More Power!” Say Americans

Our nation generated more electricity in 2018 than ever before. Up 4 percent. What may seem odd is that the last record was in 2007, more than ten years ago. That was before the recession, and the weather in 2018 required more power to meet hotter and colder weather than some previous years. Then there Read more about “More Power!” Say Americans[…]

Carolina 2019 New Year’s Energy Resolutions

2019! Can you feel the energy? You will. Carolina electricity consumers have a chance to make a lot of changes in their energy use, so ECC is offering-up some ideas for our readers – 2019 energy resolutions. There’s a quote from Louis L’Amour, the author of western  novels, that applies to Carolina energy in 2019: Read more about Carolina 2019 New Year’s Energy Resolutions[…]

Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?

Technology enables increasingly finer measurement of pollution and efficiency for people who make or use electricity. Sophistication of metrics change the way we can define what clean. As we end 2018 we are reflecting on a few of the points we suggested to watch in the electric industry over the year: Changing government role in Read more about Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?[…]

These Veterans Give Us Energy – In Conclusion

In the past several blogs Energy Consumers of the Carolinas has introduced you to a few of the veterans who also work in the energy industry in the Carolinas. Veterans make up an important part of our energy industry, bringing a discipline, steadfastness, and skill sets that help keep the power on for us. ECC Read more about These Veterans Give Us Energy – In Conclusion[…]