Electricity + April 1st = April Fuels

People who work in the electric industry get some unusual questions. Befitting April 1, we gathered some questions from utility communicators from across the country. If nothing else, maybe we will bust some urban legends. A number of questions are about new technology. Given the far-reaching functions of electric technology, maybe the confusion is easy Read more about Electricity + April 1st = April Fuels[…]

With the First Winter Blast to the Carolinas, Thank a Utility Lineworker

With the first big storm of the 2018-19 winter now having hit, Energy Consumers of the Carolinas decided to revisit a blog that got a lot of attention following the hurricanes that hit the Carolinas. It is about the line workers who put themselves out in the cold, wet and dangerous weather to maintain our Read more about With the First Winter Blast to the Carolinas, Thank a Utility Lineworker[…]

When Do Power Outages Happen?

When do outages happen? Answer: All the time, but for various reasons. Over the past several months, Carolinians have heard a lot about power outages because of hurricanes. That’s because there can be a significant number of outages when violent weather happens. Usually lightning, high winds, and ice are the causes. What about outages other Read more about When Do Power Outages Happen?[…]

Blog 2 – These Veterans Give Us Energy

Companies in the energy industry and veterans do well together. ECC has noted that each workplace – energy and military – share traits required for success. A discipline, focus. This is the second of five blogs from Energy Consumers of the Carolinas to salute veterans in the energy industry in the Carolinas. In our first blog about Read more about Blog 2 – These Veterans Give Us Energy[…]

Electrical Safety After the Storm

(NOTE: October 10, 2018 – Two tropical storms or hurricanes in one month foe the Carolinas. Florence and Michael. Carolinians have to be ready for storms all the time during hurricane season.) Hurricane Florence leaves the Carolinas with immense damage. What “after the storm” tips about electricity and flooding do experts have?* We take a Read more about Electrical Safety After the Storm[…]

How is Power Restored After a Storm?

With all the storms cooking in the Atlantic right now, this is a good time for consumers to know how electricity is restored after a storm. Knowing that helps Carolina customers prepare better “just in case.” A terrific brief explanation about power restoration is from Duke Energy. (Many thanks to Duke Energy writer Jessica Wells Read more about How is Power Restored After a Storm?[…]

Be “Power Prepared” for Peak Hurricane Season

September 10 is a big date in hurricane season. It is coming up. More on that in a bit. Hurricane season is ramping up if the past holds true. “The peak months for hurricanes in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific are August through early October,” says the Travel Insurance Review.  Hurricanes are the most intense Read more about Be “Power Prepared” for Peak Hurricane Season[…]

Why a Thunderstorm Knocks Out Power

There are about 100,000 thunderstorms each year in the U.S. and about 10 percent reach severe levels. Bolts of lightning tear up the air to temperatures about five times hotter than the sun. Yet we rarely have power outages in our homes or businesses considering the intensity and number of thunderstorms. When an electric outage Read more about Why a Thunderstorm Knocks Out Power[…]