QUICK TAKE – Renewables Outpace Coal Power Generation

In April renewable energy exceeded the power made by coal plants. That is something new in the US and is part of a continuing change in the power industry. Two big reasons: Coal has a tough time competing with renewable energy sources anymore. Spring and fall are times when coal plants may be offline for Read more about QUICK TAKE – Renewables Outpace Coal Power Generation[…]

Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?

Technology enables increasingly finer measurement of pollution and efficiency for people who make or use electricity. Sophistication of metrics change the way we can define what clean. As we end 2018 we are reflecting on a few of the points we suggested to watch in the electric industry over the year: Changing government role in Read more about Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?[…]

Join In: The Carolinas’ Energy Workforce

Want a satisfying career? Want to also help the Carolinas? Think about energy. Really. While Carolina energy headlines have largely been about reactors or pipelines, here is a different look at our energy system: Its workers. Specifically, smart new entrants into the workforce who will keep the lights on for us all. Across the board, Read more about Join In: The Carolinas’ Energy Workforce[…]

“Act With Dispatch” – Energy Systems Do It

Electricity travels at a certain speed, but not all power generation sources can be ready to make electricity at the same speed. “Dispatch” is the term in the electric utility business that refers to the time it takes to make power to deliver. How fast a power source can get off the starting block, you Read more about “Act With Dispatch” – Energy Systems Do It[…]

Our Electric Energy Freedoms

from Scott Carlberg, Energy Consumers of the Carolinas Our electric energy freedom is worth pondering this July 4th. In various measures, essentially 100% of Americans have access to electricity. Around the world there are 1.3 billion people without access to electricity. That lack of power cascades into issues of health, safety and economic vitality. We Read more about Our Electric Energy Freedoms[…]