Santee Cooper - Till Debt Do Us Part

When you dig yourself into a deep hole, stop digging. ECC has said that before about Santee Cooper, its debt, the negative news, the ongoing odd decisions. It’s customer money out the door, and money that will have to go out the door…
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When it Comes to Santee Cooper, Legislators Should Keep their Eyes on the Ball

As an entrepreneur and mother, “follow through” and “focus” are two of life’s most important lessons which I acquired from playing tournament, high school, and college tennis. As I prepare for this season’s final tennis match…
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From Elected to Energized

We cast our votes a week ago, so signs are starting to come down, political ads have ceased, and polling phone calls have taken a break...phew. My daughter turned 18 in October so this election day was an especially exciting for me. I…