Santee Cooper: Two Years, Still Counting

As of July 31 it is two years since Santee Cooper announced it would abandon the VC Summer nuclear project. Time ticks on. So does … A $7 billion shadow: Santee Cooper customers owe $7+ billion in debt – roughly 4 billion from the…

Clock is Ticking to Sell Santee Cooper, Handle the Debt

A sale of Santee Cooper might be closer to a reality, and so may be a way out of the $9 billion of debt Santee Cooper customers would have to pay. The marketplace is working. “A strong market for sale exists,” said the report commissioned…
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Speaking Out For Our Energy Future

For a year Energy Consumers of the Carolinas [ECC] has provided consumer information. Now readers can see a definite viewpoint in some of our work. Our site now features some calls to action about important energy issues. It’s time.…