“Stay Away from Downed Power Lines”

Severe storms, lightning, tornadoes and straight-line winds made it a challenge to keep the lights on this past week. Hunkering down for the storm is one thing. Staying safe afterwards requires attention, too. A big safety rule: ‚ÄúStay away from downed power lines. Always assume a power line is energized and dangerous, even when power Read more about “Stay Away from Downed Power Lines”[…]

Chasing Raindrops: An Energy Story

Is everyone dried out from the heavy storms last week in the Carolinas? While you may have been hunkered down during the storms, power companies with hydro-electric plants were hard at work during and after those storms. They have to be fast and flexible during unusual rain events. Last week’s weather was unusual, too, says Read more about Chasing Raindrops: An Energy Story[…]