Wind Energy Seems Prepared to Take Off

Offshore wind energy is getting a closer examination in North Carolina. Not so much about making electricity, but all the elements that create the industry. The Governor of North Carolina supports a $300,000 study will look at offshore wind energy’s potential economic impact, such as making the parts, providing services and what ports could be Read more about Wind Energy Seems Prepared to Take Off[…]

Michael Payne on Wind Energy

I have recently learned about and written about innovations in wind energy right here in South Carolina as I explored the research and testing facility at the Clemson University Restoration Institute in North Charleston. Therefore, I wanted to better understand how this industry has been shaped over the decades. So, I decided to reach out Read more about Michael Payne on Wind Energy[…]

Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?

Technology enables increasingly finer measurement of pollution and efficiency for people who make or use electricity. Sophistication of metrics change the way we can define what clean. As we end 2018 we are reflecting on a few of the points we suggested to watch in the electric industry over the year: Changing government role in Read more about Energy 2018: What is Clean Energy?[…]

Wind Power is Coming Of Age in the Carolinas

The Carolinas electric generation profile is changing. Coal is decreasing its share of electric generation. Renewables are gaining, and one renewable is getting more press. Wind energy gains attention as its costs go down. Financial news website, Bloomberg, even calls it, “A coming-of-age moment,” for the U.S. wind power industry. That is because some energy Read more about Wind Power is Coming Of Age in the Carolinas[…]