January 27, 2019

Take Action

Act Now!  Santee Cooper customers will pay higher electricity bills to pay Santee Cooper's debt unless the legislature agrees to sell.  

State-owned Santee Cooper is nearly $9 billion in debt, and it’s growing at a rate of $1 million each day. That’s a debt South Carolina customers will have to pay through higher electricity rates.

There are several offers from private sector companies to buy Santee Cooper from the state of South Carolina, and these companies have agreed to pay Santee Cooper’s debt so customers won’t have to. For that to happen, the legislature has to agree to sell Santee Cooper.

“The time has come to sell Santee Cooper. For almost two years, Santee Cooper has been looming over us. Their leadership is in crisis. They are crippled by debt, and it is clear to me that Santee Cooper cannot see their own way that works for our ratepayers and taxpayers of the state.”  - Senate President Harvey Peeler

Please support the sale of Santee Cooper and Senator Peeler’s legislation by writing to your Senator today.


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