In mid-March a document was posted from a South Carolina think-tank that states its view about an important state-level debate. The document is Santee Cooper’s Uncertain Future: A Historical, Policy and Financial Analysis of the South Carolina Public Service Authority. The report is posted on the Palmetto Promise website.

It is a document with a viewpoint: That Santee Cooper should be sold. The report puts in one place certain financial, political and regulatory observations. It puts down its marker and has generated headlines. For instance:

On this website here in early March the discussion about Santee Cooper was raised, including these comments about the unique situation of Santee Cooper’s ownership:

What is best for customers in the long run? … Because it is owned by the State of South Carolina, the Santee Cooper side also has to navigate a legislative process.  (A change of hands in Santee Cooper requires legislative action.) … As changes are debated about Santee Cooper, is this a transition time for state officials to ask if any state government has as a core skill – or mission – the production of electric energy, in the mission to serve people?

 It’s an important moment for customers to stay informed, beyond news briefs or stories. Read the report versus reports about the report. Other viewpoints? They should be heard. Voices that reinforce the opinions of the report. Same, be heard. There are many viewpoints out there and a lot to sort out.

The goal: Voices are important when public benefit debates are happening, and listening  should happen in a neutral and comprehensive method for study and decision-making.