Nuclear energy, more specifically advanced nuclear energy, may have a home in West Virginia. Smart. A bill passed in the WV House to repeal regulations that dis-allowed the building of nuclear facilities. The bill already passed the Senate.

I mention this for two reasons.

First, congratulations to new thinking. West Virginia is known for coal and it is making a mental shift in its energy logic. That is no mean feat.

Second, congratulations to the legislature in West Virginia. In a day of thousand-page bills, here is the text of the house bill to allow the creation of nuclear energy in West Virginia.

Anyone paying attention in other places? Short and sweet. What a concept!

One legislator said, “These are the types of discussions that are really essential for us to diversify our economy and bring jobs to West Virginia as we address climate change.” There you go!

The passage of the bill was not unanimous (78-18). Some policymakers had objections.

My hope is that small modular reactor entrepreneurs will find a welcoming haven in West Virginia and show how carbon-free power can employ the skilled labor that WV has been known for in the energy industry, and be an economic development and climate-friendly part of its future.


Feature image is the WV capitol from West Virginia Tourism’s website